Allow Kids Exploring Virtual Worlds, Without fear is!

Internet. Who does not use the internet today. From kids to adults use them, even increasingly growing. According to sources MarkPlus Insight: Research shows that the growth of Internet use in Indonesia continues to increase. If in the year 2010 and the average penetration of Internet usage in the city is still 30-35 percent of urban Indonesia, in 2011 was found by MarkPlus Insight that the numbers are in the range of 40-45 percent:

We as workers in education, certainly no stranger to the internet, even to users in frequency quite often. Many of the opinions and concerns of parents who appears along with the Internet. Anyone agree with its use, some are not supported. Let us discuss the use and usefulness of the Internet.
On the one hand, the Internet adds power concerns students and parents because it can bring negative effects for children and young people. Her negatives where? With the ease of access provided, then the children can find information about anything, from the education, general knowledge, to something that is fun, without being limited by space and time. With the laptop plus modem or internet access while hanging out at the café, our students are able to surf to the entire universe of information. Well, here starts from bad influences. Childhood and adolescence is the time when they have a high keingintauan. Beginning want to try and guess keingintauan it is, our students can find information that should not be accessed, such as violence and pornography for example. Or also at home, children can sit for hours to play online games or play continuously FB all day, to forget they still have homework to do, and many other negative things.

Ladies and teachers never read or seen news kidnapping teens or fraud due to friends through social networking? Or children who are given access to the internet, could see violence on the internet? It was also one of the adverse effects that must be addressed. Hence, a lot of effort as a precautionary measure for the bad things mentioned above

1. Parental control
2. Supervision of Internet use in schools
3. Planting awareness of good and bad use of the Internet

But the question is whether it's enough? For internet access currently to be had anywhere infinite space and time, whether we as teachers or parents can always keep an eye on our children? Not be too right?

Waduuuh, keep on how to do to prevent things like that? Relax, there is a way. There is now a good friend who can help parents and teachers to fence so the kids can surf and explore the world with secure and controlled information.
There is a web filtering and security both of which could help filter while keeping the content accessed by children. With the web filtering, we can filter and block the content is not good for children. Teachers or parents just choose words such as pornography or poker, for example, for a set that can not be accessed by the student or child. In school too, we can limit when and how long a child can open social networks, recess only or one hour after school, in the library or in the school cafeteria alone. And as actors educational institutions, teachers will also get a detailed report to anyone who accesses, what is accessible and what time access is done. What if our students are leaving school and access it at home or at his place to hang out? Do not worry, it still can not be accessed from anywhere and everywhere koq if already installed this security.

The bottom line is with the web filtering and security, we can control and taking care of our children to find information and news alright.

So, no need to break their contact with the virtual world, as well as its positive impact on many. Children can find important information such as school projects, general knowledge, socialize, learn, and much more. Allow our children surf and explore the world of information via the internet? Why not? Together with web filtering and security, we can keep them all the time!

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